1981 – 4(4)


SARTONIA cesse de paraître

Dédiée au gantois George Sarton, historien des sciences, professeur à Harvard, la revue Sartonia fut créée en 1966. Publiée très régulièrement sous la direction du Prof. Ir J. B. Quintyn de l’Université de Gand, cette revue fut, pendant quelques années, la seule publication périodique belge consacrée à l’histoire des sciences et des techniques.
Le numéro de décembre 1981 en sera la dernière livraison.

The Teaching of History

A call for papers for a regional conference on The Teaching of history, to be held
March 26-27 (1982) at New Rochelle, has been issued.

Send proposals to :
Dr Ernst A. Menze,
Conference Chair,
Iona College,
New Rochelle, NY 10801, USA.

Ethnicity and Labor in the Anthracite Region

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission is planning a symposium on Ethnicity and Labor in the Anthracite Region to be held at the Anthracite Museum of Scranton in the Fall of 1982. The papers will be published. Suggestions for topics or papers are requested. Write to:

The Director,
Anthracite Museum Complex,
R. D. 1., Blad Mountain Road,
Scranton, PA 18504, USA.

The Charles BABBAGE Institute

Dr Arthur L. Norberg has accepted the position as Director of the Charles Babbage Institute. Norberg brings with him an outstanding background in the administration of projects in the history of science and technology.

Prior to joining CBI, he was Program Manager for the National Science Foundation’s program in Ethics and Values in Science and Technology.

From 1973 to 1979, Norberg was Research Historian in the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, heading their history of science and technology project.
Norberg has also taught courses in the history of science, physics and astronomy, and worked as a research scientist in industry.

Norberg received his Ph. D. in the history of science from the University of Wisconsin in 1974. His M. S. and B. S. degrees are in physics and mathematics. He has been active in many professional societies including the History of Science Society and the Society for the History of Technology.

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