Annals of Science
 : 1 (1979)

J. Brown. - Guild organisation and the instrument-making trade, 1550-1830 : the Grocer’s and Clockmaker’s Companies.
D. R. Dean. - The word "Geology".
L. M. Laita. - Influences on Boole’s logic : the controversy between William Hamilton and Augustus De Morgan.
V. Berridge. - Morality and medical science : concepts of narcotic addiction in Britain, 1820-1926.

Archive for History of exact Sciences
 : 1 (1979)

R. C. Riddell. - Eudoxan Mathematics and the Eudoxan Spheres.
O. B. Sheynin. - C. F. Gauss and the Theory of Errors.
L. C. Arboleda. - Les débuts de l’Ecole Topologique Soviétique : Notes sur les lettres de Paul S. Alexandroff et Paul S. Urysohn à Maurice Fréchet.

Archives internationales d’histoire des sciences
Académie internationale d’histoire des sciences
28 N° 102 (1978)

P. Costabel. - Isochronisme et accélération, 1638-1687.
Y. Maeyama. - On the Babylonian Lunar Theory.
H. R. Bernstein. - Diderot on scientific method, a reevaluation.
A. Chappert. - Lettres nouvelles de la correspondance de Fresnel.
A. J. E. M. Smeur. - The Rule of False applied to the quadratic equation, in three sixteenth century arithmetics.

28 N° 103 (1978)

B. L. van der Waerden. - On the motion of the planets according to Heraclides of Pontus.
W. R. Knorr. - Archimedes and the pre-Euclidean proportion theory.
C. Crisciani. - Exemplum Christi e Sapere. Sull’ epistemologia di Arnaldo da Villanova.
C. Castellani. - Lazzaro Spallanzani e la preesistenza del girino nell’ uovo di rana.
A. Grigorian. - On the 75th birthday of Boris Kuznetsov.

The British Journal for the History of Science

J. G. Mc Evoy. - Electricity, Knowledge, and the Nature of Progress in Priestley’s Thought.
J. R. Durant. - Scientific Naturalism and Social Reform in the Thought of Alfred Russel Wallace.
C. Smith. - From Design to Dissolution : Thomas Chalmer’s Debt to John Robison.

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